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Some popular seaweeds of India

Down to Earth

Gabriella Dcruz

29 May 2023

Seaweed gets rolling: Indian companies explore sustainable solutions that marine algae offer

Economic Times

Indulekha Aravind

25 February 2023

Seaweed is the latest superfood spicing up Indian Dining

The Hindu

Raul Dias

20 January 2023

Where is seaweed in India's culinary canon?

The Locavore

Ranjana Sundaresan

14 May 2022

Benefits of Seaweed Culture

Green Humour / Mid Day

Rohan Chakravarty

20 July 2021

Seaweed diving with Gabriella D'Cruz of The Good Ocean | Episode 05

Goa (podcast)

Ashwini Kamat

10 June 2020

Meet Gabriella D'Cruz a marine conservationist who is turning seaweed into food

India Times

Bobins Abraham

7 March 2023

Seaweed in Your Burger? Marine Conservationist Shows Why Indians Should Eat This Algae

Better India

Shivani Gupta

21 February 2023

Native Seaweed Farms in India

FAO Aquaculture Newsletter

Junning Cai

1 December 2022

Why this Goan woman wants you to eat seaweed

Conde Nast Traveller

Smitha Menon

25 January 2022

‘Seaweed is restorative — it boosts our well-being and saves marine biodiversity'

Times of India - Times Evoke Inspire

Gabriella D'Cruz

6 March 2021

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